Slow Fashion

Re-Fashion: Clothing Swap and New Item

You know that long list of things we want to do and barely get to? For me, it’s sewing projects but more specifically, re-fashion projects. Re-fashion means taking clothing items and turning it into a new item. I’ve done this with a cardigan a while back and been meaning to do a few re-fashion projects but I ended up not getting to it. This time around I decided to refashion a maxi dress that was a size L that I did not have a photo of the original because I was not planning on creating a blog post for the project. The dress was divided into three pieces and I unpicked all three pieces along with the elastic and sewed the top and middle part back without the elastic.

I realize I still had so more work on this project and decided to start photographing my process at this point.


  1. I laid out the dress on my measuring board to see how much I was going to be cut off. (I folded in the seam to have a better idea)
  2. .Cutting time!
  3. I cut about an inch or so off both sides of the dress.
  4. I cut across the top and bottom pieces. I didn’t measure how much I cut off from the top piece but I folded in the top piece and eyeball how much I felt was enough. (This is the remaining fabric after I cut the top piece)
  5. I folded in the seam by about a half inch so I can estimate how much to remove.
  6. Used my serger on the long and wide side of the material (did this six times).
  7.  Sewed the back and front of the top part.
  8. Sewed the back and front of the bottom part
  9. Sewed the top and bottom together
  10. The elastic was next. I did wear the shirt without adding the elastic first because I was longing to wear something I made out in public. I had the option of leaving it looser but I wanted the shirt to have a final touch.
    • This was my first time sewing an elastic band since my high school fashion design class (8 years ago!) I was nervous and saw an online tutorial on how to do it first.
    • The way I did it was I took the electric piece and put it around my waist to see how tight I wanted it to be. I then pinned the band around the shirt and slowly sewed over it.

Finish project!!!!

My favorite part about wearing this shirt is letting people know I made this from a maxi-dress 😉

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