What Are Goodies?

First off, I’m Jackie! I decided to start blogging after years of wanting to blog and thinking, “can I do this?” After reading some articles and saving over 100 pins on this subject, I decided to get on the blogging train. Just jumping into it with some knowledge beforehand is all I have so far but discovering and testing out the blogging world is the first step on my journey.

Anyways, you may be questioning, “So what is this blog about?” After many thoughts of what my blog will be about, I wanted to blog about something important to my life. After a few months of learning about the impact of what I buy and how unethical and unhealthy my everyday purchases were and I wanted to say, “enough is enough!” I discovered about the fast-fashion industry after watching the documentary The True Cost. I was shocked to discover the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry next to the automobile industry. The highlight company of the documentary was H&M and I vowed myself to never shop there first-hand again. That was the start. I was choosing to not shop at H&M and one holiday weekend I was close to buying shoes from Forever21. I was close but realize that Forever21 and H&M were under the same marketing model: cheap quality, cheap price, and style always changing. I assumed that Forever21 products were produced in sweatshops- and I was right to assume after reading more about slow fashion.

I wasn’t completely mindful of my purchases however but was getting there. I decided to reduce my waste by recycling more plastic products and chose to pick more reusable options. I’ve been saving my waste by using reusable coffee cups and water bottles for a few years without making the connection that is was better for the landfill. It was 2017 that I decided to no longer buy chocolate that wasn’t Fair Trade, buy firsthand clothing unless that was Fair Trade and helpful for the environment and decided to become more creative and reuse containers from make-up and beauty products to make my own DIY versions. Sustainable and promoting ethical products became more important to me and I’m discovering how to live the most sustainable life and be cautious with who is making my products.

I knew I wanted to start a blog based on my journey to discovering slow-fashion, promote products helpful for the environment, and show how you can live a sustainable and ethical life without feeling like your life must be turned upside-down.

Goodies with Miss Jackie is about the goods you do to help improve the world. Goodies are the products and companies I discover that are good for humans and the environment alike. Goodies are also the stuff I will be making (from clothing, makeup, and ways I avoid food-waste) because it’s surprising how easy it is to create your own goodies.

Thank you for reading my post, and thank you for joining me on this journey to make a world a better place with some goodies. šŸ™‚

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